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Facial Injectables: Dermal Fillers



Get a fuller youthful appearance with Dermal Fillers at River Rd Dental .

Hyaluronic Adic is a naturally occuring substance found in the body which helps to hydrate and provide volume to our skin- keeping it looking young. With age and exposure to the elements, our bodies produce less  of this youth-preserving ingredient and skin begins to sag creating unsightly facial lines and grooves. Using a Hyaluronic Acid based gel which is administered into the skin, our dentists can quite literally "fill" these lines, grooves and sunken areas- restoring youthful volume to the face and brightening your overall appearance.

Dermal fillers provide immediate results and so are ideal for lip augmentation to correct asymmetries or provide fuller, more defined lips. Dermal fillers compliment and can be combined with other facial injectable treatments we provide such as Dysport.

Treatment by qualified professionals

Dr. Amir Russell has completed comprehensive training on facial injectables and Dermal fillers. He is a member of the Australasian Acacdemy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics. You can be rest assured that you're in excellent qualified hands so call us today to book your facial aesthetics consultation. 

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