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Dentistry for Adolescents

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At River Road, dental care is free for ALL teenagers aged 13-18 years!

Make sure you take advantage of this FREE service which includes:

  • Free yearly check-ups and cleans

  • Free oral health education and prevention

  • Free restorative treatment, fillings and much more!

Orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth:

Your smile is one of the most important reflections of your personality. Unfortunately there are many people who, because of crooked teeth or misaligned jaws, face a lifetime of feeling unattractive, suppressing the natural urge to smile. Crowded or crooked teeth are also difficult to clean. This may contribute to conditions that cause tooth decay and gum disease. These problems can be avoided by straightening teeth through orthodontic treatment at a young age. At River Road Dental we offer invisalign straightening of teeth and work closely with specialists orthodontists. Talk to us today about orthodontic treatment options. 

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