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Dental Bridges

At River Road Dental we create natural-looking, well-fitting bridges to cover the gaps left by one or more missing teeth.

Bridges can be a great solution to replace missing teeth without requiring the use of dental implants or partial dentures. A bridge is a prosthesis used to fill the space where a tooth or several teeth have been removed. A bridge stays in the mouth and is not removable. A bridge uses crowns on the teeth on either side of the gap and a false tooth (pontic) in between. Dental bridges can be supported by your own natural teeth or implants. Dental bridges offer several benefits: they can restore your natural smile and your ability to properly speak and chew. They can distribute the forces in your bite properly by replacing missing teeth. Bridges will help to maintain the shape of your face and prevent your remaining teeth from drifting out of position. Give us a call today to find out if a bridge is suitable for you.

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